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13 Reasons the NewsPak Works Better than Email

1. It avoids spam filters.
2. It gets opened more than email.
3. It is more responsive than email.1
4. It’s harder to “delete.”
5. Its first impression isn’t limited to a “Subject” line.
6. It doesn’t disappear when a computer shuts down.
7. It stays on top of the desk.
8. It is more conspicuous yet less disruptive than email.
9. It is warmer and more personal than email.2
10. It is more trustworthy than email.3
11. There are more mail addresses available to reach people than email addresses.
12. Done correctly, it has a lower CPM than email.
13. Canada has already made it illegal to prospect for new customers by using email through its July 2014 Canada Anti-Spam Law (CASL). It is just a matter of time before the U.S. disallows it too. You don’t want your entire marketing plan built around email campaigns.

1 According to a study conducted by DMA—when direct mail is sent to an existing customer, the response rate is 3.4%. The response rate for email is 0.12%.

2 In an Epsilon study, 70% preferred mail for receiving unsolicited information from unfamiliar companies compared to email.

3 Because of the expense and difficulty of putting together a direct mail package, there are less dishonest people trying to rip people off through direct mail. Email makes rip-offs and criminal activity easy and affordable.

11 Reasons the NewsPak Works Better than Paid Searches and SEO 
1. It doesn’t care if people know the perfect search term to find you.
2. It doesn’t care that the search engines continually change algorithms.
3. It doesn’t care if your ranking puts you on page 87 of a search result.
4. It offers more room for your ad, and in a manner you want it presented.
5. It generates more instant view volume than paid searches or SEO.
6. You don’t have to wait for buyers to find you. You find them.
7. It doesn’t instantly advertise your competitors along with your ad.
8. It doesn’t confuse your buyers with unrelated search results or ads.
9. Ads don’t disappear into a black hole with a single click or momentary distraction.
10. Your sales message doesn’t have to be manipulated just so it can be found.
11. You will never control the Internet. The NewsPak gives you complete control.

10 Reasons the NewsPak Works Better than Magazine Ads
1. It isn’t buried in 50 pages of clutter and disorder.
2. It reaches decision makers who don’t read magazines—and those who still do.
3. It is more likely to get passed on to another person.
4. There is less competition for positioning.
5. Ad space is limited.
6. It allows for more and bigger ad space at far less of a cost.
7. It is more responsive than magazine ads.
8. It is less expensive than magazine ads.
9. It makes testing and tracking of ads easier and more certain.
10. Your ad doesn’t disappear when the magazine is closed.

14 Other Advantages of Using the NewsPak
1. Direct mail is tempting to open, especially in a digital world.
2. It is highly targeted.
3. It produces volume.
4. You can feel it, pick it up, move it, even pin it to a wall if you want.
5. You can test different messages to different audiences.
6. It is easily measured to quickly find out what’s working, and what’s not.
7. It is practical and scalable for both large and small businesses.
8. It increases the responsiveness all your company’s other advertising efforts.
9. It builds personal connections more quickly than other forms of advertising.
10. Results are quantifiable without complicated, digital analysis.
11. It is designed to elicit an immediate response or visit to your website.
12. It is more responsive than all other forms of advertising.4
13. It has a proven track record, even in the age of the Internet.5
14. E-marketers and a recession have tried to kill it, but they can’t. It still works.6

4 According to a study conducted by Ritter’s Communication—50% of people pay more attention to direct mail than any other forms of advertisement.
5 About $12 billion total in 2014 was spent on direct mail according to IBISWorld.
6 The direct mail industry has grown steadily the past five years, recovered to pre-recession levels in 2014, and will continue to grow through 2019 according to a report by IBISWorld.

How the NewsPak solves 4 Major Problems of Direct Mail
1. Cost. Because of NewsPak’s cost sharing, this objection is greatly minimized and makes direct mail one of the most affordable forms of advertising instead.
2. Time. NewsPak’s streamlined process means we do almost all of the work for you. All you have to do is provide your art, and we do the rest.
3. Complexity. Since all the work is done for you, the only thing left to worry about after providing your content is remembering to track the results. We can advise on that too.
4. Waste. In 2012, 65% of all paper was recycled, about 70% of mechanically printed material was recycled. Paper is also a renewable resource. Paper manufacturers actually plant more trees today than they harvest and are leaders in technology to reduce energy consumption, making the industry the single largest industrial user of carbon-neutral biomass fuels. “The private landowners who supply more than 90% of the wood harvested in the U.S. plant about four million trees each day.” “When you use paper, you help keep trees growing, according to USDA estimates.”7 Ark Age Media works with vendors that adhere to these environmentally beneficial standards.

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For additional information on the advantages of direct mail, copy and paste the following addresses into a browser to see results of actual studies.