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Any company or vendor that sells the related products and services below to commercial, industrial, public and government entities is a candidate for placing their communications in the Supply Chain NewsPak. Specific areas of interest to these NewsPak buyers include:

Company Brochure
White Paper Copy
Educational Article

General advertisements and brochures are the primary items mailed in the Industrial Safety NewsPak. Other items include: 

Press Release
Technical Bulletin
Company Listing

General Advertising
New Product Introduction
Case Study

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For Four Page Inserts, Two Page Inserts and 1/3, 1/6 and 1/12 Page mini ads

To submit artwork please provide the elements described for each size and format of ad illustrated on the ad template. Attach and email your content to, or notify us that you would like to submit your art to our FTP site and we will provide the instructions.  You can also use the upload graphics link below. 

For Company Listings

Please provide your company name, web address, phone number, 30 character key word(s) to categorize what you sell or do, a 130 character description of your company, product, service, offer, or other message you want to go with your company listing, and your company logo if you would like it displayed at the top of the company listing page at an additional cost.  Email your information and optional logo to

We prefer logos in vector format (Adobe Illustrator or EPS), but JPEGs, PNGs and TIFFs will work if they are at least 300 pixels per inch. All photos should be JPEG, PNG or TIFF, and at least 300 pixels per inch. 

How to create artwork

Professional formatting of the NewsPak makes everyone's ads more effective. While clients are allowed more control over their two and four-page inserts, all inserts, advertisements and company listings must adhere to the design specifications of our templates.  You can view sample ads created using our templates, and the actual template design specifications by clicking on the links below. 

Taking advantage of the direct response feature of direct mail is important as well.  Therefore we encourage our clients to have a strong "call to action" message, and to use a tracking mechanism for evaluating the effectiveness of the ad. Your tracking mechanism can be the use of a promotion code, directing the reader to a specific phone number or web address, or simply asking them to mention a certain name or phrase when they call in to get a discount or special offer. Use your tracking mechanism for monitoring profitability and testing different ads. 

1/3 Page mini ad

Company Listing

Two-Page Client Insert

1/12 Page mini ad

Four-Page Client Insert

1/6 Page mini ad

The following formats are available as insertions in the NewsPak:

How to reserve your space in the Supply Chain NewsPak

How to submit artwork

What can ride along in the NewsPak?

There are 34,000 supply chain decision makers on our Supply Chain NewsPak mail list.

How many people is the Supply Chain NewsPak mailed to?

Wastewater Facilities
Government Facilities
Schools and Universities
Data Centers
Hospitals and Medical Facilities Aerospace
Commercial Buildings

Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Transportation Service Companies
Petroleum Companies 

Public Utilities
Power Generation 
Drinking Water Facilities

Industrial Manufacturing
Food Process & Manufacturing Electronics Manufacturing

Medical Device Manufacturing Logistics Companies

Warehousing Operations

Mining Operations ​

Virtually, any place where production, inventory, storage and transportation of goods exists is a candidate to receive the Supply Chain NewsPak. The primary facilities, buildings and industries we target include:

What industries is the Supply Chain NewsPak mailed to?

Transportation Manager

Maintenance Manager

Manufacturing Manager

and others

Terminal Manager

Material Handling Manager

Inventory Manager

Production Manager

Distribution Manager

Plant Manager

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Plant Operator

Other popular titles on our Maintenance NewsPak list include:

Warehouse Manager

Supply Chain Manager

VP Supply Chain

Logistics Coordinator

Shipping Manager

Fleet Manager

Supply Chain Analyst

Supply Chain Consultant

Operations Manager

​​Logistics Manager

Supply Chain Director

Supply Chain Coordinator

Lists used for the Supply Chain NewsPak are proprietary. We work with top-notch industry pros to create unique, targeted lists that are updated continually. This ensures appropriateness for the NewsPak recipients and a high deliverability rate. We do not use run-of-the-mill lists created by large database compilers.

Over 70% of the people on our Supply Chain NewsPak list have the titles of:

What titles is the Supply Chain NewsPak mailed to?

Identification Products
Conveyors & Carousels
Monorail Systems
Cranes & Hoists
Lifting Equipment
Casters, Wheels & Tires
Plant Facility Equipment
Safety Equipment
Ergonomic Products
Loading Dock Equipment
Floor Trucks & Carts
Hand Lift Trucks

Storage Retrieval Systems
Modular Storage
Order Picking Solutions
Controlling Devices
Hydraulic Components
Electrical Components
Consulting & Software
Freight & Cargo Distribution
Scales & Weighing Equipment
Decking & Flooring
Racks, Shelving & Furniture

Trucks & Mobile Equipment
Batteries, Motors & Fuels
Guided Vehicle Systems
Sortation Equipment
Robotic Solutions
Packaging Solutions
Containers & Dunnage
Pallets & Palletizers
Labeling/Tracking Solutions
Transportation Services
Systems Integration Services
Logistics & Execution Systems

Who should be using the Supply Chain NewsPak?

The Supply Chain NewsPak is designed for clients who want to reach 34,000 warehousing, transportation, logistics, and supply chain decision makers.  You can include your own two or four-page insert, or simply have a company listing ride along in this Supply Chain Newspak envelope.  Each envelope is limited to seven client inserts, plus 40 company listings.

Supply Chain NewsPak