Through the cost-sharing of our NewsPaks, clients are able to reach their target market with print ads in the most effective, cost efficient and responsive manner possible.


We want to find new products and services that can be profitably sold using the same strategies and tactics used for our own products and services over the last 25 years.

We group like advertisers with similar objectives into a single direct mail package called the NewsPak. We source, manage and coordinate the advertising process from start to finish so that our clients can generate hassle-free direct mail leads at a fraction of the cost of regular direct mail.

Our experience is unparalleled when it comes to testing lists, mail strategies and graphic design in the specific industries we target, and our turnkey package is designed to allow a limited number of vendors to easily and affordably take advantage of our unique knowledge and industry relationships.

Put all together, the NewsPak combines the advantages of streamlined information found in e-marketing, catalog and directory advertising channels with the full color ads and size flexibility that magazines provide for reaching people by mail in a unique and organized format. It allows for the intelligent scanning of limited number of sales messages in a matter of seconds for the reader and provides our advertisers an opportunity to have their message seen without competing with every competitor (and non-competitor) in their industry at the same time.

The NewsPak eliminates the risk of doing direct mail on your own.  It can be 50% to 400% cheaper than magazine ads when analyzed on an ad size to CPM basis, it breaks through the clutter of e-marketing, and it is quite simply the most responsive and cost effective advertising alternative available.


Our clients gain new customers and reinforce their brand with their existing ones, leading to greater market share, industry awareness and company profitability.

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